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BRK / 9120B
Smoke Detector With Battery Backup

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The 9120B is a wire-in, 120V AC 60Hz single and/or multiple station smoke alarms specifically designed for residential and institutional applications including sleeping rooms of hospitals, hotels, motels, dormitories and other multi-family dwellings as defined in standard NFPA 101. The 9120B complies with UL217, CSFM, NFPA 72, HUD, FHA and other agencies that model their codes after the above agencies. They also meet building codes where AC and AC/DC with Silence smoke alarms are required. Designed for the fastest possible installation! If AC power fails, the battery back-up keeps the smoke alarm working. Can be interconnected with up to 11 additional smoke alarms and 6 compatible devices like bells, repeaters or switches.

• Ionization Sensor
• Quick Plug-In Power Connector
• 120 VAC; Interconnectable
• Alarm Indication
• Battery Drawer Lock
• Mounting Bracket Lock
• Swing-Open Battery Door
• Battery Activation Tab
• Battery Back-Up
• AC Power Indicator
• Low Battery Warning "Chirp"
• Missing Battery Tab
• Easy Install Mounting Bracket
• 9V Battery Included

• 120V AC
• Alarm Dimensions: 5.6" dia x 2.0" H
• Weight: 7.8 oz (9120B)
• Operating Voltage: 120V AC 60Hz w/ 9V battery backup
• Operating Current: .04 amps (standby/alarm)
• Temperature Range: 40 Degree F (4 Degree C) to 100 Degree F (38 Degree C)
• Humidity Range: 10 percent to 90 percent relative humidity (RH)
• Audio Alarm: 85dB at 10 feet

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